I have been involved in the fitness industry for almost a decade and have witnessed a lot of changes over the journey. Having tried and tested many training techniques over the years, I am now confident I have the perfect formula to get you the results you deserve! With extensive experience in Nutrition, Strength Training and Weight Loss as well as a Level 1 Qualification as a Bio-Signature Practitioner, I can assist you in striving to reach your ultimate fitness goals.


Like many trying to achieve their goals in the gym, I was lead to believe that the more food you eat the more muscle you will grow. With hard training this was true. However, with the muscle gains came a lot of unnecessary weight. This sent me backwards in achieving my goals! It wasn’t until I was introduced to Christian and his BioSignature system that taught me discipline and determination, and lead me to achieving success in the gym and in life. With the correct planning of nutrition and training, I achieved 10% body fat and increased strength and muscle in only 3 months. This is only the beginning.

Chris Regos


  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Level 1 – Advanced Body Weight Training Principles
  • Level 1 – Bio-Signature Practitioner
  • Punch Fit
  • Cycle Master Trainer


  • Biosignature Analysis of Hormonal Bases for Fat Storage
  • Nutrition for Weight Loss
  • Strength Training for Fat Loss
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Resistance Training